Photo Credit:  Greg Dohler

Photo Credit: Greg Dohler

Gripping... Yun shows how, although shelter doesn’t guarantee safety and blood doesn’t guarantee love, there’s something inextricable about the relationship between a child and a parent… SHELTER is captivating.
— The New York Times Book Review
Yun has written the rare novel that starts with a strong premise and gets better and richer with every page, each scene perfectly selected, building on the last... Like the writer’s version of a no-hitter, SHELTER is a marvel of skill and execution, tautly constructed and played without mercy.
— The Los Angeles Times Book Review
This absorbing, suspenseful début tracks familial obligation and the legacy of trauma in a Korean family. The narrative piles on surprises at a tightly controlled clip...
— The New Yorker
The novel grows darker and darker until all its internal contradictions are eclipsed by an ending as disturbing and bereft as anything you’ll read this year.
— The Wall Street Journal